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We deliver quality, affordable and trusted lamb and beef boxes directly from local farmers to you.

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Trusted Sourcing

We build relationships with farmers who use track and trace technology to ensure constant transparency.

Uncompromised Quality

Pasture-reared beef and lamb, humanely raised, free from growth hormones and routine antibiotics.

Unbeatable Value

Our value chain has fewer links so we can offer value to our farmers and to our friends.

How We Meat You

Find out about our sourcing, selection and delivery of South Africa’s best online meat boxes

1. We Source

We source our meat from farmers with the highest quality standards. Our farmers have BEEFTECH’s renown track and traceability systems, giving you peace of mind in knowing where the meat is sourced and how it was produced.

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2. You Choose

Choose from High quality, trusted and affordable boxes to cater for your home or for the holidays.

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3. We Deliver

Purchase your packed and portioned products through easy online shopping. We deliver once a week to your selected pickup point for you to collect. For alternate delivery arrangements you can contact your selected pickup point.

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4. You Enjoy

Cook with confidence with our trusted “producer to consumer” boxes.  Let us meat you so you have more time to meet up.

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We deliver quality, affordable and trusted products directly from local farmers to you.